What's the best Mother's Day gift?

Short answer: Always tailor the gift to your mother's personality. Be observant, notes Gottsman. "Listen for clues or observe things she makes comments on. Her Pinterest page, and other social media account where she posts things she likes is a great place to start."

If you're still not sure, other great ideas include shoes and accessories — but never clothes, experts suggest. "Unless you know she has been eyeing a particular dress and she has openly shared her clothing size, it’s best to skip out on gifts that are clothing size related, as you may quickly offend someone," says Myka Meier, etiquette expert at Beaumont Etiquette.

When in doubt, opt for something customized. Customized gifts tend to make people feel special and show that you went above and beyond to choose something just for them," says Meier. "And always wrap your gift beautifully to show that you put in effort."

February 16, 2023 — mercury ma